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The Significance of Government – as a Subject to National development

Development can be regarded as a continuous growth and advancement of a nation. A nation is not without a people, so development is the enhancement of the socio economic standard of a people’s life. This cannot be achieved without putting a political administration in place which prioritizes the wellbeing of the citizen. One subject that

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Understanding the Power of Response as a Pathway to Maturity

TEENS’ BLOG As a business giant in the making, and an emerging world leader who believes a better world begins with little changes often neglected, I write on this platform to influence fellow young minds out there. Thanks to Seyi Dipo. Follow me on Facebook Understanding the Power of Response as a Pathway to Maturity

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If I Become a Medical Doctor in the Future, Where Will My President Go for Treatment?

TEENS’ BLOG As a future journalist, having being inspired by Seyi Dipo to start becoming my dreamed future today, I write on this platform to express my opinion on issues in our society. My name is Benedict Otutu. Please don’t miss any of my posts and feel free to share! Follow me on Facebook If

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