We Are the Leaders of Tomorrow, What is Wrong with this Statement?

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As a future journalist, having being inspired by Seyi Dipo to start becoming my dreamed future today, I write on this platform to express my opinion on issues in our society. My name is Benedict Otutu. Please don’t miss any of my posts and feel free to share!
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We Are the Leaders of Tomorrow, What is Wrong with this Statement?

The statement ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’ might be valid several decades ago but nowadays, it’s no longer valid. Today is the tomorrow that was spoken about yesterday, but the status quo remains as it was. This is making me to think of tomorrow as a destination you can never arrive at.

Leadership itself is not a day’s job, so you can’t wait till a particular day to become a leader. It is a process that one must begin today. In other words, we should start being the leaders of today in order to lead better tomorrow.

A leader is someone whose influence (in motivating, managing, or directing) cause others in a group, a society, or an organization to act towards achieving worthy objectives. Youths should start being leaders today so as to become better leaders tomorrow.

Who Has Cast a Spell on the so Called Leaders of Tomorrow?

Elsewhere in the world, the so called leaders of tomorrow are already leading today, but in my part of the world, Africa, we are still asking questions. Who has cast a spell on us? why aren’t we leading?


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Let’s take it from the top. Our past leaders were not willing to give-up power. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, people who led us did so while in their 20s and 30s. These people were largely a failure in a sense that, non of them willingly handed over to subsequent generations. They exhibited a lack of character to breed upcoming generation which they could have handed over to. Consequently, same set of people have over the years metamorphosed and recycled themselves to retain status quos either by proxy or in-person.

On the other hand, the so-called leaders of tomorrow have mal-adjusted to the mind control strategies of the older generations. We seem to have conformed to their unspoken assumption that we are incompetent or too young to lead. Many youths today would rather collect hand-outs from politician and continue to ‘follow-follow’ than wrestle to occupy positions of influence. We are so laid-back that we allow them to continue to bewitch us with a mix of long-term deprivation and sporadic gratification. Why won’t they continue to tell us, ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’?.

As youths, we should have the mindset that nothing is impossible, and with courage and determination, we’ll bring out the best in us. We should always do what is required at the right time, so as to stand prepared when the time comes to occupy leadership positions, even before tomorrow comes.

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