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Co-education Debate Argumentative Essay

Co-education is a form of schooling system in which both male and female genders are taught in the same classroom. Contrast to coeducation is single sex schooling system. Whether coeducation should be abolished? No! Coeducation system has helped the society in numerous ways and should be continued whereas; single sex education system should be discontinued for the following reasons.

To start with, coeducation enables our society to appreciate rather than disdain the differences in the capacity of individuals. As we allow our children of both genders to get education in the same classroom, they will understand that there are strengths to harness and weaknesses to complement in the persons of the opposite sex. Nature has endowed each one with peculiarities that we can only get to appreciate when we relate together. Single sex schools only cultivate stereotypical attitude and this makes us have inaccurate or myopic expectations of a particular gender.

In addition, learning in a single sex school creates an emotional vacuum which can degenerate to inordinate desires. Imagine if someone has not taken water in 72hours; the next moment the person sights a jar of water, what will happen? The fellow would pounce on the jar and gulp voraciously. This can be extrapolated in the single-sex education situation. The pupils who have been denied interaction with the opposite gender in a whole session tend to develop emotional hunger to the point of relaxing their moral guard. Consequently, they can be susceptible to immoral behaviour and can easily be taken advantage of by some wolf in sheep cloth. The solution to this is, allow children to learn together. By this, they’ll learn to manage their sexual instincts and keep moral relationship with the opposite sex. So coeducation should never be abolished.

Also, there is a tendency of higher immorality occurrences in a single-sex education school than the co-education. In co-education schools, administrative censorship tends to be high because they could not afford cases of unwanted pregnancy. However, in the single sex schools censorship is relaxed since no immoral behaviour among students can lead to pregnancy. In such schools more and more students take advantage of the lacuna to go wild in homosexual immoralities. Consequently, the society suffers because the good culture of family life and value would have been destroyed.

Lastly, since there is no job roles exclusively reserved for a particular gender, both genders should be taught together. In all the workplaces that we are familiar with, there is none where men and women work separately- they work together. So why can’t they learn together today so as to learn in advance, the basic things about each other that will foster smooth work and family relationships in the future?

In conclusion, we need to diffuse the unscrupulous motive of the proponents of single sex school system. They want boys to become ‘more of men’- a symbol of strength and domination. They want girls to become ‘more of women’- a symbol of weakness and subordination. This can only worsen the pandemic of gender discrimination and gender-based violence in the society. Therefore, instead of abolishing the co-education system, we should abolish the single-sex education system and promote the co-education system.


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