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Venue: RCCG Royal Sanctuary, behind St. Bernadette School, Akinogun, Egbeda, Lagos.
August 26, 2017 | 9:30 am.
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Target Audience: Teenagers

At this seminar, attendees will…

  • Understand the importance of making the right career choice in fulfillment of destiny;
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of various career fields;
  • learn various ways to choose a career path;
  • Learn about the different types of talent groups;
  • Learn how to discover one’s talent for aiding career choice;
  • Be able to relate talent types to various courses of study in higher institutions;
  • Be empowered to choose the right career path.

Enquiries: +234 8122104108

Greatness starts from knowing what to do…!

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Seyi Dipo Events
Seyi Dipo Events, speaking to teenagers.

The intensity of engagement during the Q & A time affirmed the fact that these secondary school youngsters have been fired-up to discover themselves and fulfil their life’s assignment.

Kudos to the organizers who demonstrate strong believe in them by making such timely, necessary, valuable investments. Thumbs up to co-speakers Mr. Daniel Ume, an astute school administrator and Vice Principal of Bols Int’l School who spoke to the teenagers on Why Students Fail. And Mr. Ifedayo Akinduyile, an health and fitness consultant also enlightened them on practical steps in maintaining fitness and living healthy.

Lots of music, dance, and item 7. I have no doubt in my heart that in the next five years these future leaders will refer to this seminar as a cornerstone event in the level of maximization of their potentials.

Here is a link to my lecture slides, you could use it personally if you’re a teenager or learn how to guide a younger fellow. Feel free to contact me for enquiries. Let’s pass on the light!

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