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Simple but Powerful Steps…

…For with the heart, one believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." (Roman 10:10). Please say this prayer sincerely – Thank you Jesus for dying for me I believe in you an I confess I am a sinner Please forgive me and save my soul I receive you into my

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No One Dies

Days When No One Dies

In your imagination of a day when no soul dies in the world, you make reference to the fact that everything that causes death also ceases. Sickness/disease, hunger, war, accident, hazard, depression, murder all ceases operation and no one dies. Yes indeed, the day is coming when there will be absolute peace and perfectness. There

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New Curriculum

The New Curriculum Controversy: Unveiling the Third Perspective and Opportunity to Spread Christianity

An element in the new curriculum developed by the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) has been generating serious controversy. Although, the fragile unity among ethnic nationals in Nigeria has never ceased from experiencing onslaught by forces that would rather have it dissolved, current situation seems quite ugly, because it involves the education system

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Fisher of Men

Fisher of Men Or Fisher of Fishes – Which Makes More Economic Sense?

Whenever the term occupation, work, job, appointment, or contract are used, it no doubt has more to do with economic empowerment. Humanity has various needs; necessities, luxuries, lifestyle, status needs, mention it! The basic method by which our needs are acquired is buying or purchasing and the means is money. Purchasing power is gotten through

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Christian Court in Nigeria – Diverse Perspectives!

News broke on the 6th December, 2016 as the House of Representatives passed a bill to set up the Ecclesiastical (Christian) Court of Appeal in Nigeria through second reading. According to the sponsor of the bill, Gyang Dung from Plateau State, in conjunction with eight others, the bill seeks to make 14 alterations in about

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High Fees Church Schools

High Fees Charged By Churches’ Schools – Why You Should Pay?

Ever since the advent of universities and other schools by Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, argument and criticism have trailed what is regarded as exorbitant fees being asked of prospective students. One would have thought that the endless criticism by the public would cause the management of those schools to adjust-downwards but the reverse has been

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