NID Programs and the Innovative Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria – 17

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1. Agriculture

Agriculture is the occupation, business, or practice of cultivating the soil for crop production and rearing of livestock, for food, fiber, biofuel, medicine and other products. A diplomate of agriculture, would acquire the skills necessary to carry out productive farming businesses. You’ll be trained to competence in farm management & accounting, farm enterprise development, farm power & mechanization, irrigation & drainage, soil science, and basic land surveying.

Practical skills you’ll acquire covers a variety of areas like crops production; processing & storage; livestock production (poultry, fish, snail, bees, cane rat, rabbit, silkworm, swine, etc.); feed formulation; animal product processing among others.

Personality Type for Agriculture

Nurturing disposition, with propensity to care for living organisms (animal or plant) to grow properly, reproduce and multiply.

NBTE’s Objectives for NID in Agriculture

A product of NID in Agriculture should be able to:

  • Establish agricultural enterprises in fish, crop and animal production and support services
  • Create enterprise opportunities in apiary, sericulture, floriculture and micro-livestock e.g. Rabbits, cane rat, snail, quails and pigeons
  • Carry out enterprise ventures in the production of animal feeds
  • Create enterprises in processing, storage and marketing of Agricultural produce
  • Create enterprises in pest and disease control.

IEIs Offering NID in Agriculture

Note: These are abbreviations used by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), see full names and contact addresses at the end of this book. Always check the current JAMB UTME brochure for updated approved programmes and institutions offering National Innovative Diploma (NID) as well as their respective requirements.

S No Location (by state) Institutions (Abbreviated name by JAMB)
1 Ebonyi UMUEBE

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