NID Programs and the Innovative Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria – 15

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2. Marine Engineering Technology

Marine Engineering Technology is the combination of engineering designs, operations and maintenance, adapted from mechanical and electrical engineering in the marine equipment and systems. A National Innovation Diploma in Marine Engineering Technology will equip you with theoretical and practical skills in ship familiarization, seamanship, naval architecture, marine engines, marine plant services & maintenance, gas welding, marine refrigeration & air conditioning, shipyard technology among others.

Personality Type for Marine Engineering Technology

Propensity and fitness to familiarize with the sea is important. An innovative technician in maritime industry would spend most of their daily hours in the ship, either at shipyard or on the sea. They offer service in an area where working with and meeting new people regularly is inevitable. Strong interest in handling technical or machine tools in solving problems is also important.

NBTE’s Objectives for NID in Marine Engineering Technology

A product of NID in Marine Engineering Technology should be able to:

  • Identify and select simple hand and machine tools for marine engineering operations
  • Acquire and apply basic entrepreneurial skills
  • Carry out simple repair and maintenance operations in marine vessels
  • Communicate their knowledge of techniques and processes in the course of discharging their duties
  • Draw up simple routine maintenance plans
  • Draw and interpret engineering drawings related to marine systems
  • Perform simple joining and welding operations in marine systems
  • Promote a capacity to solve specified technical design problems
  • Apply management principles in organizing/supervising groups and in the arrangement of sequence of activities
  • Apply adequate Information Technology and Drafting skills.

IEIs Offering NID in Marine Engineering Technology

Note: These are abbreviations used by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), see full names and contact addresses at the end of this book. Always check the current JAMB UTME brochure for updated approved programmes and institutions offering National Innovative Diploma (NID) as well as their respective requirements.

S No Location (by state) Institutions (Abbreviated name by JAMB)
1 Delta IZISCO.

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