NID Programs and the Innovative Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria – 12

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4. Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy

Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy trains you to be able to apply beauty and/or wellness treatment in enhancing and maintaining aesthetic healthy skin, body, hair, and nails. You would develop proficiency in hairdressing, cosmetics formulation, nail technology, massage therapy, hair & facial treatment, makeup, unisex hair shaping, human physiology, pedicure/manicure, and the likes. You will also be trained on managing a salon and acquire entrepreneurial skills for running beautification business.

Personality Type for Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy

A good sense of aesthetics, been fashionable, genuine interest in making people look good, service rendering attitude. Tactile perceptive ability with your fingers will also be an advantage.

NBTE’s Objectives for NID in Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy

A product of NID in Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy should be able to:

  • Identify the main aspects of modern Cosmetology and beauty therapy business,
  • Carry out a range of beauty therapy techniques
  • Identify the main aspects of modern Cosmetology and beauty therapy business,
  • Investigate a variety of products, techniques and technologies used in the industry
  • Apply Beauty therapy within the cultural context of the society
  • Analyze and demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills required within the profession
  • Apply the knowledge of how organizations work in order to achieve organization’s objectives
  • Market the products and services of a beauty salon.

IEIs Offering NID in Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy

Note: These are abbreviations used by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), see full names and contact addresses at the end of this book. Always check the current JAMB UTME brochure for updated approved programmes and institutions offering National Innovative Diploma (NID) as well as their respective requirements.

S No Location (by state) Institutions (Abbreviated name by JAMB)
1 Abuja NAOWA.
2 Nasarawa SENTONA.

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