NID Programs and the Innovative Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria – 11

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3. Music

Music is voiced or instrumental sounds or a combination of both to produce harmony, an expression of emotion or a form of arrangement. A study of music at an Innovation Enterprise Institution will impart you with the required competence of a musical art practitioner, educator and handler of musical instruments. You would be trained to proficiency in a primary instrument of your choice, secondary instrument of your choice, composition, studio production, sound management & music engineering, aural perception, and organization of group performance & concert.

Personality Type for Studying Music

Interest in music is expected, but when it’s combined with a desire to study music, its most probably inspired from a core of artistic talent. This might also be reinforced with perceptive abilities such as aural and/or tactile. You will be required to master rubrics and routines and practice continuously. Having or not having a beautiful voice should not be a crucial factor, any voice can be trained. Remember Barry White and Orlando Owoh.

NBTE’s Objectives for NID in Music

A product of NID in Music should be able to:

  • Foster creativity and professionalism in musical production
  • Establish a solo or chamber musical outfit
  • Train interested persons as instrumentalists and singers
  • Fabricate and maintain basic musical instruments
  • Compose music in various genres and styles, within the context of social-cultural values and musical traditions
  • Organize musical performances
  • Produce musical albums

IEIs Offering NID in Music

Note: These are abbreviations used by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), see full names and contact addresses at the end of this book. Always check the current JAMB UTME brochure for updated approved programmes and institutions offering National Innovative Diploma (NID) as well as their respective requirements.

S No Location (by state) Institutions (Abbreviated name by JAMB)
1 Delta FABA.
2 Lagos PEFTI.

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