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"This is not just another book on career, it is indeed a guide that is both factual and well structured to help students navigate the challenges of making the right career choice…" – Niyi Adesanya, C.E.O. Fifth Gear Consulting.


No more career woes! Get it right from secondary school levels, OR learn how to guide someone.
Practical Guide Career Path


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"…honestly, I have gone through it, it’s a fantastic book. It will help students (and parents) in picking up a course. It’s a good work on its own. I’m impressed…"
– Olusola Tayo
Head of Counselling Unit,
Daystar Christian Center. 

"Oladipupo and Abiona present a much-needed solution to one of the biggest problems today which threatens to compromise the success of many young individuals… This is not just another book on career; it is indeed a guide that is both factual and well-structured to help students navigate the challenges of making the right career choice…"
– Niyi Adesanya,
C.E.O. Fifth Gear Consulting. 

"This is a very remarkable book. It will guide our students/children in ensuring they are on the pathway to success. Most of us know that being on the right career path does not happen suddenly. We must be deliberate about it. I am very glad the authors have passionately poured out their heart and given us a clear description of how to make the most of this transitional stage in the life of students in this category. Making right decisions are very critical at this stage; once students get it right, they are set for a fulfilled life without regrets."
– Adesimbo I. Banjo,
Head of School, Role Model School. 

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The number one goal of the Federal Government of Nigeria for Senior Secondary School is to “offer a diversified curriculum to cater to the differences in talents, opportunities and future roles.” Over the years, we have experienced scarcity of adequate orientation on the discovery of those talents, opportunities and future role in the psyche of our Secondary School students. This book has been written to serve as a solution to that deficiency. Never again will our youngsters get to the end of secondary school regretting their choice of course/subject path.

The first major decision in the life of an individual is at the last grade of the compulsory basic education, when he/she has to choose the subject path to the fulfillment of their future ambition. That is before he/she crosses to senior secondary school. The aims of this book are to: help the individual student discover their talent and strength; to help them in choosing the subject path that is suitable for building that peculiar talent and strength; to reveal numerous career opportunities available; to present examples of job/professional roles that specific career path leads to; to help them see the pitfalls to avoid and the challenges to overcome on the journey to fulfillment; to help them embrace the catalysts capable of making the journey smooth, speedy, thorough and successful; and so much more.

This book is also useful to parents, guardians, teachers and counselors for the purpose of guiding the young ones at this critical decision making period of their lives. We should be the giants on whose shoulders the young ones stand in order to see farther, wider and better. The basic insight into the needs of our wards, who are at the foundation of career decision is made available in this book.

I welcome you to an exciting time of discovery. Our nation is about to witness an intellectual revolution. Watch out!

Yours truly,
Oluseyi A. Oladipupo.


It is no news that many graduates today are more confused about their lives than when they got admissions into their respective tertiary institutions. Especially as they lack interest in the Courses they studied. They are therefore not sure of what to make of their degrees and how to turn it into a means of earning a livelihood. One of the reasons for this finish-line regret is the wrong choices made way back in Secondary school.

Oladipupo and Abiona present a much-needed solution to one of the biggest problems today which threatens to compromise the success of many young individuals, hence, denting hopes for the future.
This is not just another book on career; it is indeed a guide that is both factual and well-structured to help students navigate the challenges of making the right career choice and come out with the best possible decision that sets them on the path of their real purpose in life.

The author begins by describing the tasteless reality that befalls many due to their utopian fantasies of life in their teens. He then highlights the underlying cause of such predicament – wrong motives. He proceeds to uncover the lamentable motives behind the unrealistic thoughts of young students and challenges them to take on right motives at the inevitable juncture of their career choice.

The book exposes the possible pitfalls and enlightens on vital indicators that can be relied on to help the student discover himself and make correct choice according to his design and draws important correlations between them, using real examples.

I recommend this book to every purposeful individual who is passionate about being on the right track to accomplishing his/her life’s purpose and living his life to the fullest.
It is my hope that this translates into what you dreamed life would be!

– Niyi Adesanya
C.E.O. Fifth Gear Consulting.

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