NID Programs and the Innovative Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria – 22

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1. Petroleum Geoscience

Petroleum Geoscience is involved in maximizing exploration from established oil & gas fields and unraveling new hydrocarbon sources. This is done by employing latest apparatus and developments in geology and geophysics at the levels of sedimentary basins and reservoirs. Study of Petroleum Geoscience at a Nigerian IEI will equip you with both theoretical and practical knowledge in acquiring and processing of seismic well data, sedimentary basin evaluation, reservoir modelling and characterization using latest technologies and software.

This is an opportunity for bridging competency gaps in the petroleum industry activities so as to boost local content in manpower and engender wealth creation.

Personality Type Petroleum Geoscience

High scientific & analytical disposition, explorer’s mindset, penchant for research, collaboration, and technology savvy are all important for a petroleum geoscientist. Subject aptitude in Mathematics, Physics, and chemistry is also needful.

NBTE’s Objectives for Petroleum Geoscience

NID in Petroleum Geoscience is designed to prepare diplomates to:

  • Apply general safety rules and health management in oil & gas industry
  • Apply the knowledge of geophysics to data acquisition and analysis
  • Use different Geosciences software applications necessary for handling sub-surface jobs
  • Apply Petro-physical knowledge relevant information evaluation
  • Understand the basic concept of reservoir geology and its overall relevance in reservoir modeling
  • Provide alternate route to careers in the professions relevant in the exploration and production of underground hydrocarbon resources
  • Know how to apply real industry relevant skills in petroleum geoscience work.

IEIs Offering NID in Petroleum Geoscience

Note: These are abbreviations used by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), see full names and contact addresses at the end of this book. Always check the current JAMB UTME brochure for updated approved programmes and institutions offering National Innovative Diploma (NID) as well as their respective requirements.

S No Location (by state) Institutions (Abbreviated name by JAMB)
1 Delta FABA

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